Data Auditing

Find out where your infrastructure is vulnerable, where your data is located and who has access to it to better deal with threats.

Data auditing’s purpose

An audit is a professional expertise carried out by a competent authority. It provides an overview of the internal data control and organisation.

It is an evaluation, investigation and verification operation based on regulatory or standard requirements.  Data auditing is therefore a good process for continuous improvement. It helps to examine the existing situation to identify weak or non-compliant points through written reports. These reports provide an overview of the corrective actions to be taken in response to the malfunctions identified.

BBES Group audit solutions

Data Auditing Key Features

Data is a company’s most valuable resource and must be protected.

Data auditing solution is an in-depth inspection of your company’s situation.

Audit solutions identifies security gaps in your data and infrastructure.

Using audit is a way to take corrective measures to reduce your attack surface but also to know if you are compliant with the standards and regulations.

When a user makes multiple failed attempts to log in, read, modify, or delete files and folders, auditing software can detect this type of activity to prevent attackers from damaging your critical data.

Audit solutions are usually combined with data classification solutions to better organise and protect your valuable resources.

Audit dashboard
  • Reporting and dashboard

    There are proof of the implementation of a data auditing solution. They provide an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the company about regulations.

  • In-depth inspection

    Scans for suspicious file extensions that could be malware, viruses, or other dangerous executables.

  • Data security

    Your organisation needs to be able to easily identify where your sensitive data resides, who has access to it and what your users are doing with it. Knowing the answers to these three questions is the key to improving your data security.

  • Access control

    You need to easily identify when a user has access to files, they do not need to have access to, so you can easily meet compliance requirements and pass your audits.

  • IT visibility environment

    If you have visibility into your data, you will be able to easily identify unauthorized or unwanted changes that could lead to a data breach.

  • Threat alerting

    The alerts give real-time information on changes in the internal organisation or on internal and external fraudulent attempts.

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Why choose BBES Group auditing solutions?

Data auditing solutions proposed by BBES Group can discover, analyse, and protect sensitive data. Their unique combination of detailed auditing, anomaly detection, real time alerting, and real time data discovery and classification allows organisations to identify, prioritize and investigate threats fast.

With a data auditing solution, you can control modification, configuration, and hybrids environment access to protect data whatever their position.

BBES Group provides several audit solutions to guide you in selecting a suitable solution according to your needs, company size and budget.


Be compliant

Audit is important to improve security systems and protect data. Each business sector has its own regulations such as PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO, etc.

For a perfect control of the risks, companies must be equipped with a solution making it possible to see and act on the rights of all persons having access to the company’s systems. Reports show a global view of what happen with data and by who. Auditing software solution deliver multiple information to help organization to detect and reduce threats and prove compliance to auditors thanks to detailed reports and dashboard.