Managed File Transfer

It allows you to securely exchange or merge your sensitive files via different, centrally monitored communication platforms. An audit trail can effectively prevent data loss or even manipulation. Your industry-specific compliance requirements as well as your company’s own specifications and the legal data protection regulations are of course taken into account. 

What is Managed File Transfer?

Do you want to transfer or store particularly large files quickly, securely and verifiably?  

Managed File Transfer solutions include software technologies that secure, control, document and also automate your entire process of electronic data exchange between any type of business relations.  

Especially now – in times of mobile working environments – you can offer a secure and efficient solution for your employees, customers and trading partners for the transfer of sensitive (company) data.  

Both structured and unstructured data of different types and sizes can be exchanged securely. This gives you visibility and control into whether security or compliance risks are hidden anywhere.

With MFT software, all compliance requirements are taken into account, even across corporate groups. 

Managed file transfer technologies allow you to seamlessly integrate even existing processes and provide more reliable encryption compared to FTP solutions and cloud storage. Comprehensive reporting of all data transfers can be customized to meet your individual needs. 

Managed File Transfer solutions

Want to go futher with a MFT solution?

Let’s talk about a customer case “Migration of XFB Gateway for PeSIT transfers”, where an existing and expensive solution was successfully replaced with our MFT solution.

Read about the business drivers, the challenges and learn more about the migration to success in this article.

Customer industry: Banking & Finance

Topics of this use case:

  • What were the customer’s challenges?
  • What triggered the customer to look for another solution?
  • What led the customer to choose BBES Group as a service provider?
  • Migration project approach.
  • What are the improvements for the customer?
  • What is the customer’s level of satisfaction with the service?

How can you increase your security with MFT? 

Data security is not only an organizational approach to protecting sensitive data, but also includes the testing and implementation of software solutions that reliably protect data, whether at rest or at all stages of its journey. 

For all organizations, independant of their size, a robust managed file transfer solution provides a centralized and easy-to-use way to not only secure, but also automate and streamline data exchange and minimize the risks associated with human error. 

Both during data transfer and at rest, your files are protected with strongly encrypted protocols and automated workflows. 

MFT is a system that can be used over and over again as part of a security solution by your company to secure and automate B2B relationships. 

  • Reports and audits trails

    The solution generates comprehensive audit logs of all file transfer activity in a central database. Reporting allows you to gain access to important audit information and can be run instantly through the browser-based console and scheduled for distribution to the network or via email.

  • Audit data content

    By coupling a DLP solution with MFT software, you can detect and prevent (accidental) disclosure of sensitive, business-critical data. This makes it easier for you to meet compliance regulations and data protection laws. 

  • Person-to-Person Collaboration

    Employees, customers and trading partners can efficiently share files and collaborate from any authorized computer or mobile device. Sensitive files are encrypted at rest with centralized access controls in order to meet strict compliance requirements.

  • Protect data

    Ensure that only approved recipients can access your sensitive data and verify exactly what recipients can do with it.  

    Powerful MFT software with encryption and rights management capabilities ensures that your unpayable data assets don’t fall into the wrong hands. 


Email is the most widely used tool in both business and personal life. It provides a means of working collaboratively, interacting, and sending information. Whether it is with partners, customers, or collaborators, we share an immense amount of data every day. Collaborative technology are increases in a way to better facilitate group work and secure exchange, both in-office and remote.

Moreover, the current context is encouraging the development of teleworking and consequently makes the security of exchanges more complex. Therefore, file transfer and collaborative tools  must be secure and flexible according to your needs.

EFSS (Enterprise File Syncing and Sharing)provides companies the ability to share information and collaborate internally or externally with partners and customers. EFSS solutions make file sharing and collaboration easy, efficient, and secure.

Enterprise File Sync and Share solutions are not just for large organisations. They can benefit businesses of all sizes, like Managed File Transfer solution, that are looking for a way to transfer files securely or need to collaborate on a document across multiple locations.

EFSS software is designed to meet the policies and regulatory needs of businesses.

With features such as encryption, tracking and auditing reports, EFSS solutions offer control and security beyond other file sharing and storage tools. With EFSS, you can securely access, edit, and share large files from any approved device. No more searching through multiple versions of your downloads or waiting to return to your desktop to make a quick change to a file. Users can work on the latest version of a document with peace of mind.

collaboration secure exchange EFSS

MFT and the international regulations 

BBES is keen to ensure that with our MFT solutions you can rely on software that takes into account all aspects of both data security and, of course, international compliance requirements. After all, data security compliance is more important than ever for your business.  

Both your industry’s security standards and the current requirements to protect personal data in different countries can require hundreds hours of additional IT work. Our managed file transfer solutions make it quick and easy to establish the right encryption technologies for data transfer, detailed audit trails and reports, and granular user permissions. 

General compliance requirements and regulations include, but are not limited to:  GDPR, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS, SOX, CIS, FISMA & NIST (800-53r4, CSF, PS 800-37r2 RMF), ISO 27001 & 27002, SOC 2, etc.
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How can BBES support you?

BBES offers MFT solutions with a variety of modules and customizations for your data security. With our European team of experts we can give you the high quality support you need. We invite you to contact us either to get a customized live demo or with any question you have related  to your data security.  

MFT can also be combined with DLP solution!