Data Classification

Organising data seems elementary, but finding the sensitive content (financial data, medical records, personally identifiable information) to classify it logically and protect it is a big challenge.

Why using data classification?

All organisations generate a huge amount of data. Data classification solutions ensure that you stayed secure, compliant and give you all the information you need to investigate your data.

Data classification helps organisation to have a clear and accurate analysis of the environment. Once this data has been identified and classified, you can secure it to minimise its exposure. Better data quality will lead to better business decisions.


Data classification, identification & protection

Identify and order your data logically with data classification solution. Analyse data to cleanse redundant or obsolete information from your systems to reduce the expense of unnecessary data storage.

Protect and secure sensitive files and PII (personally identifiable information) in order to be compliant with regulations.

Data classification tools minimise data exposure by automatically moving data to quarantine when it is critical, exposed in unsecured locations or accessible to all users to redact sensitive content from documents.

Data classification is also based on compound term analysis and statistical analysis, in all languages and with all vocabularies, regardless of grammatical style. Classification consists of the analysis of file contents according to rules defined in taxonomies.

Implementing a data classification solution is easy. The time required for initial classification depends on your data volume. Connection speed and server performance should also be taken into consideration when setting up the solution.

  • Implementation

    Easy to set-up, the solution takes few hours to be implemented.

  • Data security

    With data classification you can quickly find your sensitive data and secure it. Protects sensitive files by automatically moving them to a safe area.

  • Taxonomy

    The solution includes an extensive set of predefined taxonomies covering personally identifiable information, medical information, banking data, financial data, etc.

  • Data access management

    Assign appropriate levels of security and access right as needed.


Dealing with data classification regulations

Data classification is important to improve data security.

New technologies and tools oblige the integration of business regulations and standards. To be compliant, your company must prove that you have a complete oversight of your data.

Many companies must be compliant in order to guarantee data security with regulations like PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA Bâle, etc.

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How BBES may helps you in your data classification?

BBES Group provides several data classification solutions to help you choose the one that best suits your business and your budget.

We advise you and compare the different solutions during a demonstration to ensure that you make the best choice for your classification solution.

Data classification can also be combined with data auditing solution in order to be more powerful and compliant.

Secure your data and being more proactive!