Data Governance

Protect your data and meet compliance by ensuring that the right people have access to sensitive data.

How can data governance help your business?

Governance is about ensuring that the information system is well managed. It is about certifying that systems meet the expectations of the various internal and external stakeholders.

IT governance is also a way to control information systems identity rights and access to help supervisors and managers be sure their organisations are complying to standards and regulations. This type of governance is also named IAG (Identity and Access Governance).

Governance or IAG has many benefits to offer to organisations.

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Knowing who has access to which data & detect threat

Your sensitive data must be only accessed by users that have a legitimate business function or reason to deal with it. Keep privileged users with extended access rights to data under close monitoring.

With data governance solutions you can detect any changes in access rights, follow the business activity and data, remove access right privilege, and improve data threat.

For a good protection of your critical resources, it seems obvious that a good access control and a review of rights will reduce the surface of exposure to risk and will limit the damage caused by attacks.

Monitor all access attempts to sensitive data, files, and folders to check for external attackers or malicious internal users trying to get their hands on your sensitive data.

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  • Reporting

    Produce detailed and clear reports of the current situation.

  • Access control

    Monitors and review access rights to ensure compliance with the processes for granting rights.

  • Centralisation

    Centralises and simplifies identity management and adapts employee rights to its business department to maintain coherence in the access rights.

  • Alerting

    Provides rapid detection of attempts to access your data on file servers.

  • Compliant

    Automates compliance checks and ensures conformity with your security policy in terms of authorization, by setting up alerts for any violations observed.

  • Environment overview

    Increases visibility of processes like revocation of obsolete rights of an internal departure or mobility.


Answering auditors and regulations

Standards are constantly changing, and data regulations are becoming increasingly strict. In some industries, regulations and auditors ask detailed reports of access. Governance must meet audit compliance requirements and help you in the process of consolidating your accounts. It offers you a tracking and auditing solution for your Information System.

An IAG solution can automatically scan and detect data leaks or intrusions into the IT network. This makes it easier to take the steps required by auditors and regulations.

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How BBES can help?

BBES provides governance solutions. We can show you during a session different type of products that will help you to monitor your access rights management and meet compliance. Learn more about what data governance can help you achieve your security and compliance goals.

Do not hesitate to ask our team for a live demo of our data security solutions.