Data Security

Data security is an ongoing process: every document, spreadsheet or filled form created online is a set of your business data that may need protection. PII (Personal Information Identification), bank account or social security numbers could be targeted by hackers, used for malicious purposes or simply stolen for blackmailing.

From creation to elaboration, from transfer to storage people around the world work on data every day. Protect your critical assets building a strong data security posture.

What is data security for BBES Group?

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Meaning and purpose

By “data security” we mean a set of solutions and actions that can balance the well-known CIA Triad, Confidentiality-Integrity-Availability.

  • Confidentiality is protection of sensitive data from unauthorized access
  • Integrity is protection from tampering with
  • Availability is letting authorized users access the information they need.

Organizations need to protect themselves from hackers and threats but, on the other hand, they need strong, reliable and easy-to-use systems and applications to run their every day routines. Data security tools are here to help: managed file transfers, data classification, DLP and other solutions works within the perimeter designed by the three security principles.


Data security regulations

Any kind of data should be kept safe, but personal, sensitive and financial data need a special layer of protection.

This comes from national and international regulation, such as GDPR in Europe and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) or PCI DSS all over the world.

Having a data security strategy in place will help you organization, whatever the sector, to be compliant with regulations, to be ready to report, to have a quick overview from any device, quickly.

BBES boast a wide range of solution for data security.

The group benefits from its European presence and its executives could offer their experience with all national or international regulations, knowing them deeply and thoroughly.

Data security is the core value of BBES Group, whose competence is well known among customers.

How can Data Security help your business?

Protect data, email, users: everything you have in your organization is under control.

Identify – Data Classification

First of all you should know what you own, where it is stored, why and for how long you will need it. You should classify users, as well, giving access to information or denying it according to roles and business needs. Our solutions give you tools that work on emails or single Office documents like Word or Excel.

Marking a file as Internal, Restricted or Public is just a click on the toolbar and it can avoid so many troubles! A user-friendly Data Classification tool will build awareness every day, spreading the knowledge about data protection and increasing workers’ awareness about security posture.

Manage accesses and users easily and be compliant with your organization’s requests.

Protect – Data Governance or IAG

With data always moving, bot inside and outside your organization, it can be very difficult to maintain compliance. In order to respond to regulations requirements, you must manage data. We are talking about conceding or revoking access rights, as well as monitoring time and frequency of any access.

Our tools offer a centralized system that will help IT people with verified alerts, so that a prompt reaction could start immediately, reducing damages.

Moreover they come with a precious feature, customizable reports to adhere to state or business requests. Even HR department will benefit from Data Governance, having a comprehensive and centralized glance at each and every authorization given in the past.

Prevent exploits and malicious attacks, try your devices, apps and systems.

Detect – Vulnerability Management

Last but not least, you should be able to prevent attacks to your data, wherever they may come from. With a solid Vulnerability Management in place, you will know where are your weaknesses, the possible entry points of a malicious actors and suddenly patch them.

A Vulnerability Scan, regularly performed, will minimize the risks without interfering with your organization everyday routine. With our solution you will have all your devices, apps and systems checked but unnoticed by users.

The complete management includes even a Penetration testing, as the final proof that your system is safe: a simulated attack is the best way to be prepared, in the unfortunate event of a real attack.