Vulnerability scan

With a vulnerability scanner you can quickly discover, identify, and fix vulnerabilities as they are revealed in your IT infrastructure. A solid advantage in staying ahead of hackers in the fight against data breach and cyberattacks of all kinds.

What is the purpose of a scan of vulnerabilities?

Vulnerabilities are security weaknesses that may be present in software, networks, applications, computer systems or websites.

These vulnerabilities can jeopardize your business if they are exploited by hackers.

It is essential to maintain a secure environment and be aware of new cybersecurity threats.

Vulnerability scanning tools provide information on current public vulnerabilities, such as alerts from the relevant IT authorities, newsletters from vendors and exploits posted online.

These continually updated knowledge bases are a reliable source for quickly detecting vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.

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How works a vulnerability scanner?

A vulnerability scan helps your company to proceed in phases.

It will first discover all the resources to be scanned and analyse them.

The scan is complete in order to examine the vulnerabilities of your assets (PCs, networks, websites, applications, etc.). With your comprehensive knowledge base of vulnerabilities and their attack kits, it will be easy to identify your vulnerabilities.

Finally, prioritize the risks by evaluating the various threats against their CVSS score and your own criticality metrics criteria take offline with your risk management strategy. Then easily deploy security patches to remediate these vulnerabilities.

A good vulnerability scanner should not only detect and mitigate vulnerabilities. It should help organisations monitor their network security management efforts by producing detailed and relevant reports, which allow IT administrators to develop appropriate strategies to manage these vulnerabilities in the future. You will have customisable dashboards summarising the threat status of your assets and patches.

One more benefit of vulnerability monitoring solutions is the ability to check data for compliance. You can create your own rules to enforce your information systems security policy. The encyclopedia is updated every month and represents a library of best practices.

A final benefit of vulnerability monitoring solutions is the ability to test assets for compliance. You can create your own rules and thus translate your Information Systems Security Policy. An encyclopedia is updated every month, constituting a repository of best practices.

  • Constant analysis

    Continuous verification of the status of your information system. This way, you have a real-time picture of your security level.

  • Scan choice

    There are different scanning modes available such as, scanning without agents, scanning with agent, offline scanning and port and website scanning.

  • Privacy

    Safeguards the confidentiality of your data by not sharing any information with the outside.

  • Encyclopaedia

    The comprehensive vulnerability encyclopaedia helps you to perform relevant analyses. The cross-referencing of various reliable cybersecurity sources identifies several thousand latest breaches and vulnerabilities.

  • Dashboard

    The very intuitive interface allows the creation of operational reports that can be customised, modified, and exported in different formats.


Vulnerability scan helps you in your conformity!

The confidentiality of data is a constant an ongoing concern. Many companies must be compliant in order to guarantee their customers respectful handling of their data.

Vulnerability scan also helps to define your compliance objectives, identify your shortcomings and propose solutions to harden your security level.

Explore our encyclopedia of rules to choose the most relevant repositories for your needs, or you can create your own compliance rules and explore the established repositories most relevant to your needs.

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