ESBD and BlueFinch announce their merger

The Hague, Netherlands, July 11, 2002 – Data security specialists BlueFinch and ESBD are joining forces to become BlueFinch-ESBD. This alliance will bring together their expertise and IT skills, as well as their resources.

A union to better support companies in the modernisation and security of their information systems

It is with immense pleasure that we announce the merger of these two European companies specialised in the consulting and implementation of solutions related to the security of data and systems.

BlueFinch, based in The Hague, The Netherlands, and ESBD, with its headquarters in Neufchâteau, France, and a sales office in Annecy, France, have decided to join forces to provide their clients with the highest quality of service throughout Europe. This merger gives BlueFinch and ESBD the opportunity to increase their level of collaboration, which was already initiated in 2020 with the creation of the European association BBES Group, of which they are founding members alongside the companies Systematik in Germany and BlackBridge in Italy.

Based on solid experience, this merger will reinforce the values and savoir-faire of these two companies to better assist their customers in the implementation of solutions adapted to their needs with multilingual support. The respective successes of these companies have been based for many years on their ability to advise and guide their customers in the integration of new, modern and competitive technologies.

“The BlueFinch-ESBD teams share the same goals and ethical values, while contributing to the protection of digital environments,” said Ludovic Lemoine, President and Technical Director at BlueFinch-ESBD.

BlueFinch and ESBD want to maintain a relationship of trust with their clients and provide them with high-level support. This new strength will very quickly affect all the internal departments of the companies, such as marketing, sales and technical. Recruitment is already underway.

Two companies committed to information security

Always in a dynamic of expansion and reinforcement of IT ethics, BlueFinch has been ISO 27001 certified for over a year. ESBD has already begun the process of following the same path, due to the merger.

” Being certified to ISO 270001 throughout the BlueFinch-ESBD group is a strategic issue to demonstrate the importance we put on the security of our data and those of our customers. As a provider of IT solutions and services, this certification is a testimony to the rigor and importance we place on data security,” said Richard VERKAIK, President of BlueFinch-ESBD.

“With this merger, BlueFinch-ESBD has a strong collective voice to provide state-of-the-art, sustainable solutions to our customers. With more than 10 years of experience in a business that requires technical expertise and management of transformation, BlueFinch-ESBD will be a major player in the modernisation and technological change around data security,” said Jacques BESNARD, Chief Executive Officer of BlueFinch-ESBD.

BlueFinch-ESBD is now a group representing more than 400 customers in Europe, but also in Canada and the Middle East. With this reputation, this new entity is even more committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

About BlueFinch  BlueFinch is a Dutch company that has been specialising in the distribution of data protection and compliance solutions for companies in the BeNeLux and Scandinavian region for over 10 years. BlueFinch helps organisations manage and secure critical information against loss, theft and non-compliance.

About ESBD: ESBD is a French company that has been providing solutions and services dedicated to data security since 2011. With its teams of experts, ESBD supports and guides companies in implementing the best IT solutions on the market.

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