Managed File Transfer for industries

With Managed File Transfer, users from any organization can share files and collaborate safely. Centralized and scalable, MFT helps business by giving an extra layer of security, automating exchanges, and producing alerts and reports.

Managed File Transfer for industries will help you discover the most needed features for any kind of company.

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Versatile solution, powerful tool

Any kind of business is nowadays constrained to compliance requirements. GDPR and PCI DSS have specific rules about managing personal and economic data and even simply PII coming from Human Resources need to be handled according to specific dispositions.

With an MFT solution IT teams can be sure that information travel safely within and outside the organization and that they can rely on quick alert if anything goes wrong. Data at rest and in motion, on premises or in cloud are organized, automated, and monitored while business continuity is guaranteed.

MFT in use: how can it help?

Banking and Finance

Banks and Financial institutes with various subsidiaries could benefit from MFT capability of centralized control and automated batch transfer. Reconciliations and controls will be at hand, travelling safely from each branch to headquarters.

Distribution and Retail

Selling and shipping means managing everyday private information, such as addresses, credit card numbers, telephone numbers and so on. Avoid manual scripts that will easily get obsolete and get a self-explaining solution, transparent for users, that will put together all you need to run the business and be compliant.


MFT solution comes with modules that allow users to exchange very private and sensitive information, using automation. Medical records, diagnostic results or heath information are travelling every day from devices within the same structure or are going out, to other subsidiaries: keep them away from hackers and attackers while allowing patients to use online services.


Test results, timestamps, curriculum: these are some possible data an educational institute could be managing. Limit users and permissions by giving and denying access to private information, let students, teachers and third parts share information in cloud or with emails, with no worries for compliance.


When dealing with suppliers, you cannot rely on unsecure FTP or obsolete manual scripts. Automated workflows allow industries to exchange information without time-consuming activities. You can reduce downtime, monitor every file transfer, get customizable reports all in one updated solution.


Data never sleep and since we are talking about telecommunication this is so much more true. National and international infrastructures carry the weight of thousands and thousands of data exchanged every day, with any possible device. Not to mention the heavy duties dictated by NIS or GDPR regulations. Get speed and compliance with a comprehensive solution to manage it all!


With an insurance form, you often need to attach or give sensitive information. MFT can provide a Secure Form module to send and receive important data, from employees or customers. Even of your organization perimeter has been widened by Covid, you can still have a centralized solution to monitor file exchanges.

Key features

With an MFT solution you will get automation, encryption, auditing and be compliant with your industry regulations and requirements.


Send large or small files in batch, schedule your routine workflows, and get alert for failed file transfer, to react immediately and reduce downtime


End-to-end encryptions help you in sending the right information to the right recipients and just to them. Personal and financial data, as well as projects and other valuable information, will be safe, both at rest and in transit.


From a centralized dashboard, IT team can overview many different actions being performed all over the world. Attempts or failed file transfer, numbers of uploads or downloads per user: all these information are available in customizable reports and can be sent per mail at scheduled days.

And more…

You can start with an MFT solution that suits you right now, and then increase it when your business grows. It is scalable, and it fits into your legacy systems. You can implement it with stronger cybersecurity addition, such as a DLP solution to boost your security architecture