Have you ever caught yourself thinking “a machine could do this job”?  Well, you were rightit does for many cases. 

What is Automation?

Automation is a collection of solutions that allows organizations to hand over tasks, researches and time consuming activities to machines. 

With ongoing automation any employee can avoid manual, repetitive tasks and engage in more creative, added-value jobs. You will be surprised by the variety of tasks that automation can take off your shoulders.

There is a bot for almost anything you can do online, from chatting with your customers to compiling data sheets. 

Automation is a process, too: it helps your organization to automate processes both for front office and for back office. You can rely on a new digital workforce that will complete tasks 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  

Our scalable solutions range from single desktop to enterprise level architecture, and they are flexible, so that you can decide where to deploy them, for how long and for which tasks. 


Why use Automation? 

Automation can help organizations in many different ways: it can streamline tedious tasks, replace human labor and speed up routine, apart from being immune to human error! 

Automation can duplicate any series of human actions and even their combinations. 

Robotic Process Automation, Workload Automation and Job Scheduling can help organizations in their everyday routine. Each solution offers various features, ranging from batch processes automation to cross-platform workflow.

Each solution comes with alert and reporting features, so that you can control all the jobs from one centralized position and get notifications is anything goes wrong. 

  • Job scheduling and Workload Automation

    Routine workloads can be handled by a software and it can work across all the platforms of your environment. You will maintain granular control of each step but the task will go smoothly and seamless until the end, without human intervention. If you are dealing with batch processes like Start-of-day (SOD) and End-of-day (EOD)you know what it is like: what about a big improvement? 

  • Web Browser Task & Website Automation

    Let’s say you need to monitor your competitors’ activities: you will probably search online for price lists, catalogues, new ads. All these tasks can easily be done by a bot. Searching for keywords, scrolling up and down looking for a value, paste and copy into an excel file: automation can do it in the blink of an eye, from an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. Same goes for retrieving internal data: logging in, searching for the right files, collecting, formatting and sending it all can be done without human intervention, saving time and energy for more rewarding jobs. 

  • Automated Data Scraping & Extraction

    This function allows employees to concentrate on the creative part of the work, leaving to the bot to do all the repetitive part. Any tasks can be automated: shipping details, invoicing, form filling. Human Resources could really benefit from an RPA solution for onboarding, for example: Banking could find it useful for loans applications and so on. 

  • Report Generation and Distribution

    Reporting is essential in modern structures: information should flow, reaching the right target at the right time. With an RPA solution in site, you will provide exact content, timely sent, and received. Reports will be sent at any time, day or night, and notifications will be sent if anything goes wrong. Just think about the compliance regulations (GDPR, PCI DSS and so on) you could streamline.  

  • File transfer automation

    Robotic Process Automation can include some features you usually relate to Managed File Transfer: every time there is a need for file sharing, file synchronization and secure transfer, Automation is here to help. Actions like uploading, downloading, compressing files are easily accomplished by bots. Moreover, using secure file transfer protocols, your organization will be protected by malware and other threats.  

  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) automation

    Fine, but what about the typical human tasks, the ones you think you cannot pass over to a machine? Image recognition, mouse clicking, reading, and interacting, all of these seem typically human actions. Well, they are but still they can be delegated to robots, without a single line of code. The applications range from website interactions to testing, transaction and more. 

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How can BBES support you?

Our solutions are scalable, to fit any kind of firm or organization. There is a single desktop solution as well as enterprise level solutions. It is up to you to decide how many workstations you want to implement, which solution you want to deploy and where. 

As far as sectors are involved, we can mention some of them, as examples: Banking, Supply chain, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Insurance. Every time there is a manual, time consuming action, that can be changed into a time saving bot, allowing people to devote themselves to the creative part of the work. 

BBES can help you migrating from one solution to another, while training people in your organization. Just call, if you would like to know how to save time and money in your business. And have a happier workforce, too. 

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